About Me

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, I am now a Brooklyn-based photographer.  I am self-taught, and I use both digital and analog formats. I am an Artist Member of SohoPhoto Gallery in NYC, and I am a 2017 Nikon Scholarship and 2015 National Natural Eye Scholarship winner at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops. I am the founder of Camera of the Month Club, a NYC photography collective.

I work in the field of anti-violence, youth development, women’s empowerment and human rights, both locally and internationally, using the media arts to spread a message of non-violence. I have captured some of my most treasured images while abroad, and I am passionate about travel.

My current work focuses on the Rockaway Beaches in NYC. I capture the romance of nestled beach gem that is Rockaway, amidst the busy, hurried climate of New York City, in my Beach Lovers series. My landscape and black and white beach photography evokes feelings of nostalgia, endless summer and admiration for the ocean’s vast beauty. I am a surfer and beach bum at heart. My work is held in private collections in the US and Canada.

My commercial work can be found at: Erica Reade Photography








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photo courtesy Marko Jokic

photo courtesy Marko Jokic