Two Months!

Holy sh*t you guys, I haven’t blogged in two months. And I hate to use the NYC excuse of “I’ve been so busy.” In truth, I’ve neglected this site, and my creative work for about 6 weeks now. I had the most incredible experience in New Mexico (more on that soon), I flew back and threw myself into 5 weeks of 8 weddings and 5 engagement shoots, and I co-curated and organized the Camera of the Month Club’s seventh group show, Progression. I’m writing this as I’m recovering from a brutal cold that has kept me mostly homebound for the last week, and majorly realizing how much this website needs work. So to start, I’m going to start archiving a lot of work, narrowing down my portfolio and streamlining this entire site. The next post will be an homage to that. Welcome back Erica, and welcome back faithful readers.

Erica Reade