Happy (belated) new year! I am feeling so excited and optimistic about 2018, in part because I kicked off my new year with a trip to Belize with my dear friend Ines Bellina (follow her writing/podcast/travel ideas here).  We took our first trip together in 2005, while studying at McGill University together. We had a raucous time in Panama City Florida on Spring break, and the rest is history, as they say. Ines and I then ended up in NY together, and have had traveled a few times together, most recently Santa Fe, and now Belize. 

We had planned to travel first to San Igancio (inland) and then to spend several days in Caye Caulker for some much-needed beach time. While I will always jump at the chance to escape winter for warmer climates, I now look to do so in places that will allow me to grow my body of Beach Lovers work.  Unfortunately the weather really did not cooperate (thank you climate change), and I only found a few couples whose photo I was able to take. This is one of them. Perhaps it was the Universe telling me to be patient and wait for better weather in NY, where the majority of the series is captured. 

Admittedly, I would normally be sorely disappointed by not getting great vacation weather, but my travel companion and I decided to make the most of the rain, clouds and winds, and truly fell in love with Belize. The tropical colors and plants, the fresh food, our day of snorkeling, and all the lovely people we met (even apologizing for the bad weather we got).  

The motto in Caye Caulker is: Go slow, but keep moving. I think we could all use more of this type of thinking, myself included, and I've carried this home with me in my plans for 2018


Erica Reade