A Closing Show!

Oct 20th flyer.JPG

I have fallen behind on my posting and I am committed to getting back on that train. It's been an exciting couple of months since I last wrote. I rode the high of my exhibit for several days, I have happily sold a few more Beach Lovers prints, I traveled to Chicago and Toronto, and I have been booking more wedding and freelance work. 

It's been such an honor to have my work on the walls of Picture Farm. This is a gallery I have wanted to show at for years, and it's so exciting to have this series here. 

My closing show will also be a fundraiser for the hurricane relief efforts happening in Puerto Rico. To say the response to the island's crisis has been appalling is an understatement, it is inhumane. I hope to do my small part. 

Similarly, any Beach Lovers prints sold for the next several weeks I will be donating a portion to relief efforts,

Erica Reade