Beach Lovers: In Color

I'm happy to report that I have been shooting a lot of Beach Lovers material this summer. Some steamy, some quirky, some not very good at all. The important thing is that I have been shooting, and shooting often. That was one of the motivations behind working part-time and freelance this summer, so that I could dedicate more time to this series while the weather lends itself to intimate beach moments. Overall, I think the quality and diversity of my Beach Lovers portfolio is growing and I'm really pleased with that. There's now one full month of summer left, so I have plenty more to do. 

This is probably one of the only color photos I will take in this series, but I couldn't get over the beautiful full moon coming up over the ocean when I was at the Jersey Shore last week. 

Stay tuned for Beach Lovers news coming this Fall!

Erica Reade