a solo show thank you

As the excitement and celebrations of my O-1 approval have died down, I finally have a few minutes to pause and reflect on the solo show, Beach Lovers: Four Seasons, I had just had last week at Rabbit Hole Gallery. It felt like a whirlwind buildup; printing, framing, promoting, largely on my own. With very limited time to set up for the pop-up show, I felt incredibly nervous about being able to pull off the wall collage I was envisioning. But with the incredible help and patience of Kika Espejo at EOArts and my good friend, and illustrator, Lilly Lam, we successfully hung my 21 photos, wall vinyl and welcomed several early-comers in just under 4 hours.

I had an incredible turnout, a mix of friends, family, colleagues and people new to my work, and I made two sales. It was a beautiful way to celebrate my birthday, my O-1 and a new season of Beach Lovers. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Erica Reade