Heads Bowed

I started a new series this week, 'Heads Bowed.' It happened accidentally, as most projects do. I spend a lot of time on the subway with my new job. I travel between Crown Heights, Elmhurst, the Upper West Side, and Williamsburg. This also means I often have lots of time between boroughs to kills time. I decided to see how many people I could shoot on their phones, with my phone, without them noticing me. It turns out, everyone. We're all so immersed in our news feeds and photos, we fail to notice what is going on around us. Our heads are bowed, almost as if in prayer, to the social media, text, and email gods. 

I realize this isn't that shocking, but maybe it's a tiny bit disturbing. 

Hey, I'm not different than anyone else. Stuck on the train? Look at your phone. Alone at the bar? Look at your phone. How many likes did I get? Look at your phone. Waiting in line? Look at your phone. I just finished watching the series Black Mirror, and it left me chilled at the direction of phone submersion we're headed towards. I'm heading to a conference Tuesday, and the headline question is, do you own technology, or does technology own you? It feels pretty fitting.

While I continue to document this modern-day phenomenon, I'm going to try to reduce my dependence on my own a bit. We'll see how that goes.

Erica Reade