One Week Countdown until Beach Lovers / by Erica Reade

In just one week, I'll be debuting photos from my series, Beach Lovers, in my first solo show at Ground Floor Gallery. Preparing for this show has meant a roller-coaster of emotions for me and non-stop work, and I am growing more excited by the day. 

Putting together an art show requires patience and thick skin. I have had to wear the hats of artist, publicist, curator, marketing director and social media promoter. All the while, I've had to endure my own self-doubt and I have talked myself off the ledge of canceling all together for fear no one would come. But as the saying goes about art shows, "They always open, " and I am proud and excited about the work I have selected to show next week.

I hope to see you on Wednesday September 9th, at 343 5th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 6-9PM!

Many thanks to Natasha Frisch and Krista Saunda Scenna at Ground Floor Gallery for their advice and support.