more of my lunch break photo walks

I am still trying to go for daily walks on my lunch breaks to take photos. It doesn't always happen, but I am doing it weekly and that's what matters. I am slowly developing a new photo project, but I don't have much yet to share as some of it is on film. 

staying inspired

Now that Beach Lover season is truly over, I am working on developing new photography projects. Admittedly, I feel a bit stuck, a touch of photographer's "writer's block" if you will. So I am forcing myself to go on 30 minute walks each day during my lunch breaks to take photos of the streets and people I encounter. It's not a project in and of itself, but it does keep me shooting and my eyes fresh to the world around me.



A final post about my show. My closing was a lovely way to say goodbye to my show, and we raised $250 for Puerto Rican hurricane relief. I am continuing to sell books and prints and will be donating proceeds as I move forward on this. Thank you to my friends, family, supporters and to Picture Farm for everything.

Now it is time to put Beach Lovers down (for the most part) until Spring/Summer 2018. I'll be thinking about what a new season looks like, what I'll do differently, and how I'll be sharing them with the world. And I'll be working on another project through the Fall and Winter.

Thank you for all the support this summer, and throughout the show. Stay tuned for details about print and book sales.

A Closing Show!

Oct 20th flyer.JPG

I have fallen behind on my posting and I am committed to getting back on that train. It's been an exciting couple of months since I last wrote. I rode the high of my exhibit for several days, I have happily sold a few more Beach Lovers prints, I traveled to Chicago and Toronto, and I have been booking more wedding and freelance work. 

It's been such an honor to have my work on the walls of Picture Farm. This is a gallery I have wanted to show at for years, and it's so exciting to have this series here. 

My closing show will also be a fundraiser for the hurricane relief efforts happening in Puerto Rico. To say the response to the island's crisis has been appalling is an understatement, it is inhumane. I hope to do my small part. 

Similarly, any Beach Lovers prints sold for the next several weeks I will be donating a portion to relief efforts,

a few days away

It feels like every time I turn around lately, I am packing or unpacking bags. Santa Fe, Massachusetts, and now I am in Quebec visiting my father, soon to be heading to Montreal. Next up is Chicago. All this travel is exciting, and mildly exhausting, but always a good reason to take photos. I grew up coming to my grandmother's cottage every summer, swimming, enjoying nature, going for hikes and eating a ton of fresh local food. This trip has been no different. I'm so grateful I get to call this my 3rd home. 

Thank you!

The opening of my solo show, Beach Lovers, was a huge success, and I am incredibly humbled and grateful by all the support and turnout. A big thank you to Picture Farm Gallery for the opportunity, to Tito's Vodka for the generous beverage donation, and to all my friends who helped and supported me. The show is up for a couple more weeks, and I will be posting closing reception details soon!


My intention was to blog more from Santa Fe, and document life back in the city, but travel and getting ready for my show has taken over my life. And Camera of the Month Club just hosted its first photography weekend retreat. So as much as I hate to use the excuse of being so 'busy,' I really have been, and updating the website and this blog is on my enormous to-do list. In the meantime, enjoy a few more Santa Fe photos.

Santa Fe, Day 3

I am into my second day of my workshop, "Marketing Your Photographs' and I am processing a wave of information and knowledge. I haven't been able to shoot as many photos as I would like just yet, but I am clicking my shutter where I can. 

Beach Lovers SOLO SHOW!

I am so excited to invite you to the opening reception of my Beach Lovers solo show at Picture Farm Gallery, Friday August 11th, from 7-10PM. I have three weeks to put this together, and I am feeling the rush of a creative frenzy. I hope you'll join me!

Santa Fe!

I am leaving for Santa Fe tomorrow morning, and I am very excited. I won a Nikon Scholarship this past spring, and I will be attending the 'Marketing Your Photographs' workshop for the week. I'm hoping I will leave with a new set of tools to bring my Beach Lovers series to the next level.


Summer is in full swing and I am loving the weather, the happier faces, the longer nights, and getting to shoot a TON of photos. This is my first summer in seven years where I won't be working with kids (!), and I'll be taking the time to work on my Beach Lovers series, as well as shoot weddings, and recharge after a year of teaching. My goal is to develop an even stronger body of Beach Lovers work, and develop into a book and show this Fall.

Beach Lovers: Horizon Heat. Fort Tilden Beach, 2017.

Beach Lovers: Horizon Heat. Fort Tilden Beach, 2017.

starts and stops

Every time I think summer is on its way, we get a string of cool, cloudy, rainy days. Needless to say, my progress on Beach Lovers for Spring 2017 is nowhere near where I'd hoped it would be by now. I've been able to get some beautiful landscape work done, I continue to have fun with my new Instax mini camera and this #polaroidsquared series (follow along on Instagram). 

Hopefully I'll be able to share new Beach Lovers works sooner than later. Stay tuned!

wedding season

I had such a fun time kicking off my wedding season with two back-to-back City Hall Weddings last week. Both couples radiated so much love and affection for each other, it was really a beautiful thing to see. Congratulations to Robert and Robyn, and Tamara and Emrah! Follow along at

Winter is Over

I've been neglecting this blog for far too long, and now that it's Spring, I have no excuses! I've come out of my winter hibernation/seasonal sadness and I can't wait to take on a new season of Beach Lovers 2017 and weddings. Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks of gorgeous weather at Rockaway and Fort Tilden Beaches.

Nikon Scholarship

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.54.05 PM.png

I'm really happy to announce that I was recently awarded a Nikon Scholarship through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I attended SFPW in 2013 and 2015 as a student of the Natural Eye Workshop, and it was a magical, educational week. This year, I will be learning from "Marketing Your Photographs" so that I can grow and improve the reach of my Beach Lovers series.

I will be learning about the importance of juried exhibitions, portfolio reviews, and other industry events, and how publications can advance one's career.  I'll be exploring the roles that galleries, art consultants, and online sales venues play in the fine art collecting market. I'm very excited about this opportunity, and the photos I'll be taking in Santa Fe.

Picturing Resistance: The Women's March

The Women's March was many things. Inspiring, uplifting, flawed, imperfect, powerful, determined activism. It was round-the-world resistance. It marked the beginning of the enormous fight we have ahead of us. Here are a few photos I took in NYC that day.

Goodbye 2016

Reflecting on the year that was, Rockaway Beach 2016.

Reflecting on the year that was, Rockaway Beach 2016.

2016 was a difficult year. Taxing personally, devastating nationally and internationally.  I'm grateful that photography not only kept me sane, but pushed me to grow as a person and an artist. Art heals civilizations, as Toni Morrison once said, and now more than ever we need photography and art to move us forward.  I'm proud to say Camera of the Month Club doubled in size and we put on two group shows; I spent many months documenting more beautiful Beach Lovers moments; and I grew my wedding photography clientele. I had some work and interviews published, and I am growing my network of photography friends and colleagues. Finally, I know I am taking better photos, and learning to refine, edit and hone in on my vision with a more critical eye, with the support of Camera Club. I look to 2017 with trepidation about what the political landscape will bring, but no less determined to make change, socially and artistically. Thank you for all your support this year, and I look forward to making a new year of images in the weeks and months to come.

Heads Bowed

I started a new series this week, 'Heads Bowed.' It happened accidentally, as most projects do. I spend a lot of time on the subway with my new job. I travel between Crown Heights, Elmhurst, the Upper West Side, and Williamsburg. This also means I often have lots of time between boroughs to kills time. I decided to see how many people I could shoot on their phones, with my phone, without them noticing me. It turns out, everyone. We're all so immersed in our news feeds and photos, we fail to notice what is going on around us. Our heads are bowed, almost as if in prayer, to the social media, text, and email gods. 

I realize this isn't that shocking, but maybe it's a tiny bit disturbing. 

Hey, I'm not different than anyone else. Stuck on the train? Look at your phone. Alone at the bar? Look at your phone. How many likes did I get? Look at your phone. Waiting in line? Look at your phone. I just finished watching the series Black Mirror, and it left me chilled at the direction of phone submersion we're headed towards. I'm heading to a conference Tuesday, and the headline question is, do you own technology, or does technology own you? It feels pretty fitting.

While I continue to document this modern-day phenomenon, I'm going to try to reduce my dependence on my own a bit. We'll see how that goes.